Kennel and Cattery

Willow Run’s kennel consists of 15 large indoor runs, all of which are capable of holding 1 large dog or 2 medium dogs.  Our canine guests receive a treat each time they go outside. They are outside either alone or with other family dogs at least 3 times a day.

Our cattery has eight large spaces for either one or two cats. The cages and litter boxes are cleaned twice daily. While the morning cleaning is being completed, we allow our visiting felines to exercise in the full cattery area. Cats are only let out by themselves or with family members.

We feed all our guests super premium food and each canine visitor gets digestive enzymes, as well as organic coconut oil on each meal. If you want to bring your own food we can accommodate that as well as any medications* or other special needs.

*Medications MUST be brought in original prescription container